Yatai Yle3000 Digital Thermostat Oven Hightemperature 300 Shanghai Instrument


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Aiset Recommend Shanghai Yatai Instrument Yle-3000 Thermostat Oven Yle-3005 300?
Yatai Yle3000 Digital Thermostat Oven Hightemperature 300 Shanghai Instrument $157.99
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Shanghai Yatai Yle3000 Thermostat Oven Aiset Temperature Control Up To 300c Model Yle3005

Embrace the advanced technology of the Shanghai Yatai Yle3000 Thermostat Oven, a top-notch Aiset temperature control instrument. Engineered with precision, this oven provides the ability to heat up to a scorching 300 degrees Celsius (Model Yle3005), offering unmatched versatility for all your high-temperature needs.

The Yatai Yle3000 is not just a digital thermostat oven; it’s a testament to the cutting-edge technology of Shanghai Yatai instruments, ensuring accurate temperature control for reliable performance. Powered by a 2W energy input, this oven is designed to deliver efficient operation while minimizing energy consumption. Please see the product instructions for voltage requirements.

Whether you’re a professional requiring precise temperature control or a tech-savvy enthusiast seeking the best in thermostat ovens, the Yatai Yle3000 is your ideal choice. It’s more than just an oven; it’s a tool that enhances your productivity and efficiency, making your tasks easier and more convenient.

Experience the superior performance, reliability, and precision of the Shanghai Yatai Yle3000 Thermostat Oven. It’s the perfect addition to your workspace, offering high-temperature capabilities that few other models can match.

Note: Always follow safety precautions when using high-temperature instruments.

Product Features:

  • Advanced Aiset temperature control technology allows for high-temperature heating up to 300 degrees Celsius/572 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for various high-temperature needs.
  • Precisely engineered by Shanghai Yatai, a trusted brand known for its superior and reliable instruments.
  • Digital thermostat offers accurate temperature control for consistent performance, enhancing your productivity and efficiency.
  • Efficient operation with a low energy input of 2W, designed to minimize energy consumption for eco-friendly use.
  • Perfect for professionals requiring precise temperature control, tech-savvy enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a reliable, high-temperature oven.
  • Enhances your workspace with its high-temperature capabilities that few other models can match.
  • Note: Always follow safety precautions when using high-temperature instruments to ensure safe use.
  • Voltage requirements are provided in the product instructions for user convenience.

Shanghai Yatai Yle3000 Thermostat Oven Aiset Temperature Control Up To 300c Model Yle3005 - 1

Shanghai Yatai Yle3000 Thermostat Oven Aiset Temperature Control Up To 300c Model Yle3005 - 2

Shanghai Yatai Yle3000 Thermostat Oven Aiset Temperature Control Up To 300c Model Yle3005 - 3

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51 reviews for Yatai Yle3000 Digital Thermostat Oven Hightemperature 300 Shanghai Instrument

  1. Slyvia

    Decent but room for improvement

  2. Nannette

    Reliable and highly accurate thermostat!

  3. Alena

    late delivery, disappointing.

  4. Boyd

    excellent, reliable and highly accurate!

  5. Anita

    Delivery was slow, but the Yatai oven thermostat works, despite its less than stellar performance.

  6. Willow

    Incredible reliable and well-priced

  7. Caitlyn

    Great oven thermostat! Accurate, easy to use. Would recommend both product and webshop to others.

  8. Darla


  9. Crystle

    Great product, highly recommend!

  10. Lillie

    Good for basic baking needs

  11. Lennie

    Exceptional performance, accurate temperature readings, and user-friendly. Highly recommended for professional and home use.

  12. Joana

    average performance.

  13. Kirk

    Impressive oven thermostat

  14. Renita

    Great value, superior performance.

  15. Alden

    Repeat customer, highly satisfied with its consistent high-temperature performance.

  16. Ileen

    high-quality, precise, and reliable. handles high temperatures brilliantly. exceptional build and performance. highly recommended!

  17. Ruben

    the thermostat has decent functionality but struggles to consistently maintain high temperatures. moreover, the delivery was slower than expected which caused some inconvenience. the product could definitely benefit from improvements.

  18. Yevette

    Great quality, reliable and accurate. Perfect for high-temperature applications. Highly recommended!

  19. Larhonda

    This digital thermostat is a game-changer. Its accurate and reliable, even at extremely high temperatures. The build quality is exceptional, and its easy to use. It has definitely made my baking more precise. An absolute gem of a product!

  20. Jadwiga

    Functional but struggles to maintain consistent temperature at higher settings

  21. Emerald

    This digital thermostat is a true game-changer! Reliable and accurate, it effortlessly withstands high temperatures up to 300. The build quality is excellent, clearly demonstrating its durability. Highly recommended for anyone needing precision in their cooking.

  22. Chu

    Perfect again, very satisfied!

  23. Salvador

    Really love this Yatai digital oven thermostat Its been a game changer for my baking The high temperature capacity of up to 300 is just perfect for all my cooking needs The product is from Shanghai Instruments so you know its a quality piece

    The digital display is quite user-friendly and easy to read Ive noticed a significant improvement in my dishes since Ive started using it No more undercooked or overcooked food everything comes out just right

    The only minor downside is the instruction manual It was a bit confusing initially but once you get the hang of it its pretty straightforward

    Id definitely give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars Would absolutely recommend this product and the webshop to others A few spelling errors here and there on the site but it just adds to the human touch you know Great buy overall

  24. Melda

    Superb oven thermostat! Accurate, reliable, and super fast delivery!

  25. Vallie

    Fast delivery, works flawlessly. Excellent!

  26. Noel

    Decent, could be better.

  27. Amiee

    Decent oven thermostat, but slow shipping.

  28. Olga

    Yatai Oven Thermostat is lackluster, late delivery didnt help its case.

  29. Robyn

    Really like this Yatai digital oven thermostat. It handles high-temperatures up to 300 flawlessly. Easy to use and super accurate. Great product from Shanghai. Would give 4.5 stars if possible!

  30. Valrie

    Decent, could be better.

  31. Bethel

    Great product, highly accurate. Would definitely recommend both product and webshop to others.

  32. Walter

    This digital thermostat is a real game-changer for accurate oven temperature control It can withstand up to 300°C making it perfect for high-heat cooking The quality is excellent as expected from a Shanghai-made product Highly recommended for home and professional use

  33. Madeline

    Reliable, accurate temperature control for consistent cooking results.

  34. Frederica

    Yatais Oven Thermostat is superb! Precise, reliable, and packed incredibly well.

  35. Lula


  36. Tomas

    impressive precision and free gift!

  37. Jose

    Satisfied repeat customer, excellent product!

  38. Carmen

    Impressive high-temperature control as per numerous glowing online reviews Reliable and efficient

  39. Mitzie

    This device offers decent performance for monitoring high temperatures, although it could be more user-friendly. Its reliable for the price but could benefit from some improvements in terms of accuracy. Overall, a fair product for basic needs.

  40. Lonny

    Great product! Definitly recommend.

  41. Doloris

    Reliable precise and user-friendly Excellent for high-temperature cooking needs

  42. Oneida

    great product this digital thermostat oven is reliable and accurate even at high temperatures im really satisfied with my purchase and would certainly recommend it and the webshop to others solid 4-star rating

  43. Vaughn

    great performance, free gift was a delightful surprise!

  44. Ardell

    Yatais Oven Thermostat offers superior quality and precision, perfect for high-temperature cooking. Absolutely worth it!

  45. Arlene

    This digital oven thermostat is exceptional! Accurate, easy to use, and withstands high temperatures. A must-have for precision cooking. Highly recommended!

  46. Fiona


  47. Beaulah

    This thermostate is top-notch! Handels high heat brillantly and works like a charm. A must-have for any serious baker. Five stars!

  48. Linwood

    This Yatai digital oven thermostat is truly top-notch! Its ability to reach high temperatures up to 300 makes my baking hassle-free. The product description and specifications were clear, detailed, and extremely helpful. Its a 5-star gem indeed!

  49. Laurence

    Exceptional performance highly recommend

  50. Minda

    Great for precise cooking, easy to use and withstands high temperatures. Solid 4-star product!

  51. Carlo

    Great performance, superb customer support!

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